Baltimore, Maryland
March 28–30, 2023

2023 Spring InfoShare NDA

Feedback Required

This Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) outlines the responsibilities of participating in the March 2023 Aviation Safety InfoShare in Baltimore, Maryland only.

University attendees can fulfill the feedback requirement by participating in the University Breakout session, scheduled for Wednesday, March 29, 2923, in Douglass room at 12:00 p.m.

Participants in Aviation Safety InfoShare often review sensitive data or results. All participants shall protect information shared during Aviation Safety InfoShare from unauthorized disclosure and distribution. The following principles apply:

  1. Information and data shared during Aviation Safety lnfoShare is considered sensitive, confidential. and/or proprietary and shall not be shared without permission.
  2. Information and data shared during Aviation Safety lnfoShare must not be used for commercial, competitive, punitive, or litigation purposes.
  3. Information and data shared during Aviation Safety lnfoShare must not be discussed or shared with the media or using any form of external social media.
  4. Participation or experience at Aviation Safety lnfoShare must not be advertised in press releases or social media external to the participant’s organization.
  5. Knowledge gained through participation in Aviation Safety lnfoShare activities may be shared within the participant’s organization for the sole purpose of improving the organization’s voluntary safety programs and overall safety.
  6. Recruitment of personnel, marketing/promoting third-party organizational services/products, soliciting feedback or seeking participation in an organization’s surveys/projects, and distributing any materials/brochures/surveys is prohibited unless previously approved by the lnfoShare Planning Committee.

By signing this NDA, I agree to protect all data, information, analyses, and results made available to me through participation in Aviation Safety lnfoShare. I agree that no data, information, analysis, results, or derived conclusions will be disclosed or distributed in accordance with the principles above.

By signing this NDA, I agree I am employed by and/or representing the organization(s) stated below and on my registration form.

In addition, I agree to provide feedback after the Aviation Safety lnfoShare meeting on the value gained by attending InfoShare within the specified time period (by default 30 days). Feedback can be provided to staff at onsite registration, by emailing, or through the “Contact Us” link at All Feedback is reviewed by the InfoShore Planning Committee.